Unpick & Knit Again

Are you really going to wear the jumpers in the back of your closet again? Look at them as raw materials for something new. Consider unraveling it and reusing the yarn by knitting or crocheting it into something new. If you have old knitted garments that can´t be repaired, stop them from going to landfill and use the wool for something else! - it´s free!

How to unpick a jumper:

check the seams to see if the jumper is linked together with yarn and not serged seams.

Avoid jumpers with serged seams as you´ll end up with short lenghts of yarn. With the jumper inside out, cut and remove linking yarns. Remove neck and sleeves. Try to begin unraveling the jumper from the top as most jumpers are knit from the buttom up. wind the wool around a stiff piece of cardboard and then into skeins.

If you have jumpers that are pilly and worn try cutting it into strips and then knit it into something new.


For ideas on what to do with jumpers that have serged seams or the ones that are heavily worn click here.