Turn Out & Renovate

Be a magician and turn old clothes into something new! Use patterns available from haberdashery shops and sewing magazines or get inspired bythe Tips below! 

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Skirt refurbish- from straight to dandy

Upgrade your skirt by applying a strip of cotton sateen ribbon down each side.


1.Measure the length of the skirt, double it and add an extra few cm to determine the length of the ribbon

2.Select a 2.5 cm wide ribbon, cut to determine length and then cut in half

3.Position Steam-A-Seam fusible tape onto the ribbon strip.Fold under one end of ribb on and tape and iron it to create a finished edge. Add 2.5 cm of tape onto that end

4.Align finished edge with bottom of waistband. Press ribbon along the side seam and fold excess ribbon under the hem. iron to fix ribbon to skirt

5.Repeat on other side seam

Coat Nip and Tuck - turn your old oversized coat into a short and sweet one!


Either do it yourself or let a tailor do the work for you!

(You do not need to do all the alterations. Choose the ones you like!)

1.Round collar tips

2.Shorten the sleeves to 3/4 length

3.Hem the bottom to knee length

4.Narrow the body along the side seams

5.Add a sash through the side seam and tie in the front

Shorts Cut - change your boring trousers into something new and exciting!


1.Cut off legs to desired length (remember to add a few cm for the hem)

2.Turn the trousers inside out and fold the raw edge up about one cm and iron

3.Fold another 3 cm, iron and pin in place

4.Slip stitch the top of the fold with a single thread

Shoe Polishing


You´ll need two metal shoe clips and two faux-fur pom-poms

1.Fix pom-poms onto shoe clips with superglue

2.Clip onto shoes

You can also use buttons, bows or whatever else you would like to add to your shoes!

What to do with:

worn underarms

renovate your blouse by letting in a band of material in a contrasting colour under thearm, reaching from sleeve to waist. Add a trimming of the same colour at the neck,  waist or on the sleeves, so that it looks like the `renovation´ is part of the design.

worn elbows

Turn long sleeves into short ones if the elbows are worn out, or patch with a decorative patch.

a too-short blouse

Have you any blouses which you hardly ever wear because they are too short in the waist and work out of the top of your skirts? Add a deep band of near matching material all round.

a too tight blouse

Open the front of a blouse which has become too tight, and putin a contrasting button band. Or if it has long sleeves, make them short and use the material left overfor your button band.

a too-short skirt

Add a band of colour at the hem.

worn fingers on gloves

make new undersides of thin toning or contrasting felt or wollen fabric and stitch them back onto the backs.

too tight underwear

let in ribbons or strip of silk down the sides to ease the strain on the seams.

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