For Patsy you will need:


bootlace or other strong cord thats long enough to go round your waist

drawstring toggle 


large safety pin


1. find the hem and snip open the side seam (about 1cm) to open this channel

2. thread your shoelace/cord onto a safety pin (this will make threading through the hem much easier)

3. feed safety pin & lace through the hole you have just cut in the hem

4. feed all the way through so the lace runs through the whole length of the hem

5. thread the drawstring toggle to help secure the ends (you can knot the ends for extra security)

6. pull tight gathering up the hem


full instructions for use:

take off shirt

gather in drawstring tightly

fill bag with shopping

go home, rejoicing in your eco friendly credentials

get home, empty bag

loosen drawstring

launder shirt (this will help it back into shape)

start again!

For terminology and help on how to do certain stitches and techniques please click here.