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✄ Learning to darn is not just for old grannies:If you know how to darn little holes in your stockings and tights you can wear them much more longer! (And your children/nieces/nephews/younger siblings/grandparents will love you for you can darn a beloved-tattered teddy-bear!)

Really worn-out clothes (also bed linen, handkerchiefs, tableclothes etc.) can be unstitched and have a new life as a doll's dress, a pillowcase, a patchwork or something else (just made my second patchwork-quilt - from some of my dad's shirts, some old curtains and some worn-out dresses). 

If you're very skilled, you can sew really pretty underpants from your worn-out t-shirts, some elastic band and perhaps some laces. 

(submitted by Annie) 

Who can help?:

Hi have you any solutions to wires that escape from bras at the armpit. I´ve got several bras, some expensive, were the wires have worked their way out. I don’t want to throw them away and once the hole has been stitched, it still manages to break free. (submitted by Maggie)

Save on tight and stockings:

Always buy tights or stockings in the same brand and colour. If one stocking of a pair gets ruined, save it until you have another odd one and pair them up. Tights can have the spoiled legs cut off but leave a few inches on at the top, and the two good legs can be worn together - that makes a nice firm tummy control area too. In fact when both legs have got past it, you can cut them off and wear two or more body pieces together for extra tummy control. (submitted by Maureen)

T shirts & tights which passed there sell by date: 

cut up for dusters. Old tights are great for cleaning the bath and sink. (submitted by Sandra)

Renovating an old shirt:

You can give shirts and blouses an extra lease of life when the collars are word by unpicking the stitching where the collar is sewn to the shirt and turning the collar over, so that the underside of the collar is now the topside - it doesn't work with collars that have got stiffeners in them, though. We used to routinely turn collars, and I still turn them on my partner's shirts if he's really attached to them! (submitted by Kathryn)

Renovating old bras: 

- After sewing up my bra for the umpteenth time I turned to my ribbon box and attached a double layer of ribbon where the wire would be poking through again. I haven't had to sew a wire in for a while now! (submitted by Jane) 

- For bras whose cups are too small, use lace (either edging lace or galloon)
to contain the breast tissue which threatens to overflow.  Experiment in front of a mirror, pin-fitting the pieces of lace: the bottom part will attach to the bra cup, and the top part (the finished edge) of the lace will look as if it's just a pretty, decorative addition.  Stretch lace or non-stretch lace can be used.  It\'s easiest to match black lace to a black bra, and white lace to a white bra, but there\'s no reason why contrasting lace can\'t be used.  Often a bra whose cups are too small have bands that have stretched out - the band can be snugged up by taking either a full-length tuck (the same amount in each side)or a dart (again, the same amount in each side) in the BACK of the band.  If you\'re ready to chuck a bra because the straps keep falling down, unpick the straps in the BACK of the bra, and move the straps closer to the back opening, so the straps in the back look like this: \\__/ instead of like this: 1__1.

Bra cups that are too large can also have tucks taken in them: slashing and lapping the dart area will make the cup lie flat. 
(submitted by Antonia / La BellaDonna)

buy those fabrics pieces with images that you can iron on your clothes (submitted by Kristine, London)

do not use the tumble drier (Kristine, London)

buy colour for the clothes (Kristine, London)

✄cut off jeans and convert it to skirt (I've done that, pretty cool!) or you can make a bag from the pair of jeans, quite cool too (Kristine, London)

a sweater with small round neck can be cut off to make your shoulders visible (Kristine, London)

simply sew a pattern with thread and needle (Kristine, London)

add an extra piece of fabric at bottom of sweater to make it longer (Kristine, London)

✂cut off a boring skirt and sew on a new piece of material instead with cool colour or pattern (Kristine, London)

you can also get these pieces of fabric that you can print on yourself, your own image to iron on! cool for birthdays presents as well! (Kristine, London)

and sometimes a boring top can be cool if you use a scarf with it, with nice fresh colours (Kristine, London)